RENIR – Research Network on Industrial Resilience connects scholars, entrepreneurs, institutions and firms interested in sustainable industrial development and regional and metropolitan long-term economic growth.

RENIR is interested in the co-evolution of innovation, technological knowledge, education and inter-industry technological developments that affect cities' and regions' adaptive industry resilience in the face of disruptive technological change.

RENIR's main aim is to develop case studies and disseminate best practice in relevant technologies and digital manufacturing industries. RENIR explores advances in big data analytics, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to compare their impacts on robotics and additive manufacturing and their downstream effects on production. The RENIR project is interested, in particular, in the automotive and aerospace industries, which are the backbone of industrial developments in most More Economically Developed Countries (MEDC). The focus is on four main areas of research: The History and Evolution of Manufacturing, Industrial Resilience and its Antecedents, Technological Trajectories and the Future of Employment, and Technological and Organizational Change in Productive Ecosystems.

Current activities are focused on a comparative analysis involving Piedmont in Italy, Ontario in Canada and Michigan in the USA.