2nd RENIR Workshop

The 2nd RENIR Workshop took place in Toronto on September 10-11, 2018. During the meeting, hosted by the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, University of Toronto, the member of the Network discussed original contributions on the different Research Areas of the project.

To improve the interdisciplinary of Network each submitted paper has been present by another participant, and the workshop has been characterized by the following presentations:

  • – Aldo Geuna presenting The High Road in Manufacturing, by Susan Helper.
  • – Peter Warrian presenting Winner and Looser of Industrial Automation: Some Insights on the Italian Case, by Marco Guerzoni.
  • – Massimiliano Nuccio presenting Disruption in the Automotive Footprint: Model Limitations, Model Extensions, by Mike Smitka.
  • – Steven Denney presenting Unemployment Resistance Across EU Regions: The Role of Technological and Human Capital, by Riccardo Cappelli, Fabio Montobbio, & Andrea Morrison.
  • – Nicolas Conserva presenting At the Origins of the Investment in Human Capital. Technical and Professional Education and Industrial Development in Italy from the 19th Century to the Fascist Regime, by Cristina Accornero.
  • – Darius Ornston presenting Broken Anchors: Power and Diversification in ‘Company Towns’, by Ben Armstrong.
  • – Susan Helper presenting Innovative Over Time? The Reinvention, Rebirth, or Stagnation of Regions, by Dan Breznitz & Nicolas Conserva.
  • – Tod Rutherford presenting When Flagships Falter, by Darius Ornston.
  • – Ben Armstrong presenting What Do We Measure When We Measure Regional Diversification, by Carlo Bottai.
  • – Travis Southin presenting How do Firms Stay Ahead in the Robotic Industry, by Aldo Geuna & Eric Estolatan.
  • – Marco Guerzoni presenting “Holding Management to Account”: Unions, High Performance Work Systems and Regional Resilience in the Southern Ontario Automotive Assembly Sector, by Tod Rutherford.
  • – Carlo Bottai presenting Transforming a Cluster While Building a Firm: Entrepreneurs and the Evolution of Toronto’s ICT Cluster, by Steven Denney, Travis Southin, & David Wolfe.
  • – John Holmes presenting Manufacturing for Design and the Future of CADCAM, by Peter Warrian.
  • – Dan Breznitz presenting Italian Regions and the Raiders of the Lost Resilience, by Massimiliano Nuccio, Consuelo Nava, & Pier Paolo Patrucco.
  • – Paolo Neirotti presenting Regional Resilience and the Recalibration of Automotive Industry Labour Relations in the Great Lakes Region, by John Holmes.
  • – Mike Smitka presenting The New Algorithm Whisperers: Implications For New Organizational Architectures For Continuous Innovation In Data-Driven Operations, by Paolo Neirotti & Elisabetta Raguseo.

Written by carlo bottai | 12 Set 2018